Phone Baidu search dropdown box promotion optimization software

emerging market remains intelligent phone market main growth source, 2014 China intelligent phone user first over 500 million, 2018 will over 700 million; according to 2013-2014 China phone/intelligent phone market research annual total report forecast, 2015 global intelligent phone user proportion first over global population of one-tenth, to 2018, global one-third of consumers will is intelligent phone user, total over 2.56 billion people, face this block huge of market, Any enterprise or the network card should not lose the opportunity, search engines optimization tools, making full use of a tool to optimize search engines rules, companies and network operators have powerful driver for network sales and marketing.

Dropdown box promotion optimization software features:

1. software cost:
compared with the online auctions, competitive PPC, PPC, PPC, monthly fee to 5.0002 billion. and clever use of the drop down box, optimization and promotion is more direct, efficient, and cost-effective.
2. software development environment:
C++ development, more fluid and efficient speed, low memory and CPU footprint. the software about CPU using 1% memory consumption 2-3M.
3. software compatibility:
Software can run on the Windows operating system platform, support for WINDOWS XP; WINDOWS VISTA; WINDOWS 2000,WINDOWS7; WINDOWS 8; WINDOWS 10. supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.
4. software application groups:
For large enterprises, network operators, micro-business, shop owners, promotion and personal business use.

Promotion of services and software purchase fees:

1. single keywords {extension services for small and medium enterprises and individual operators}.
Industry keywords/500/month; Bao Nian 5000. set of rules such as the word, + the company name} {* cosmetics; {Beauty + contact}; {Dust removal equipment + company name (contact form)}; {Hyperthyroidism Hospital + (custom)}; Keywords such as {gym} ...
Keywords 300 yuan/month/year: 3000, bei {**} Beijing software company; Chengdu hospital ** {}.
Secondary keyword in the field 200/month/year: 2000, acupuncture felt filter {}; {Boiler dust bag}; Shanghai TCM {XXX}.
2. keyword promotion package {for large enterprises and units}
Keyword 10-20 monthly 3000 year 20000.
Keyword 20-100 monthly 6000 packages of 50000.
Keyword 100-1000 to the above discussion.
3. software purchase
Personal PC. 5000. defining a machine register, each selling a free set within industry keyword, can open more Windows run upgrade
Enterprise Edition or Studio Edition: 60,000. limited to 20 registered machine, support group, may have custom-made the development special needs, round-the-clock technical support, regular upgrades.
Software sales outright. Negotiable.