摘要:国外留言板群发器1.0(英文版留言群发软件)是一款针对国留言板进行群发的留言群发器. 是做外链群发的优秀seo工具.



留言板冲击波™ Pro是占主导地位的一次点击爆破软件能够让您的邮件,帖子和广告了1000个留言板和论坛,在短短的几分钟。内置的数据库中首发的1000的广告板,让您可以自带数据库外,加上在任何时候添加自定义的数据库!

Creating your ad/message 生成群发的工程文件

Enter your Name, eMail address, Subject line, URL, and Message.写入内容邮址,广告图片,网址内容等


URL Your URL should always start with http://

Image URL (this is an Optional Field) An Image URL is an image or banner that is located on the internet. You cannot upload an image here, but you can point to an image that is online. ie:

When the message is posted, your image would appear with your message. Note, not all message boards support this function. Image URL support will vary from message board to message board. If your image does not appear with your post, it is likely that images are not permitted on the board you are attempting to post.

You ad or message should be a short and direct to the point. Message boards are not intended to be full page ads, so your message should be brief. Let visitors click on your URL for the full details from your website, or include a phone number or email address that provides additional information of your offer or post. Getting people to your website is the goal, so always post your URL (website) whenever possible.

After composing your message, it’s a good idea to save it. Click on AD from the top menu, and then choose SAVE. You can name it something you will remember so you can open it up again later and re-post it.

You can store an endless number of pre-written messages. When you save a message, you will also be saving all of the board selections you choose to submit this message to. This way, if you have a particular ad you like to send to a number of pre-selected boards, you simply open the ad, and re-blast it. This saves a lot of time for blasting future ads.