SEO software: FRIENDS Links submitter

Summary: FRIENDS Links submitter

Software version 3.2)-details:

FRIENDS Links submitter

Baidu through extracted from the address can be automatically for Links, by setting you can choose to link the number and select the location

The use of software, first in the "Settings" page set up your name and address of the website, if you want to please fill out the picture link to the Web site URL address Logo

"Collecting at" tab, you can set up the "Home" option from Baidu's search results from the first few pages at the beginning, "Home" is from the smaller numerical
Site in Baidu's position on the higher by setting "Scan-rise" You can choose to collect at the number of general on each floor contains 10 web site. Extraction of the total number of web site
LCD display in the bottom of the box.

"Link to the" page will show the successes and failures of the web site address, ★ ★ According to the results on your own website, successfully added the website link! ★ ★

Can add their own site has been successfully submitted site link.

Not to the Webmaster for causing unnecessary trouble, do not repeat the link up!