SEO software: Mass Image Comment Submitter

Summary: Post Comments Automatically and Get Thousands of Backlinks and Visitors!

Software version 2.0)-details:

 Mass Image Comment Submitter


In order to make money on the internet, you need exposure... your success is directly determined by your exposure. Yes, it really is all a numbers game.

Put your link on 100 web sites and you will have 100xsite visitors+search engine spiders chances of getting viewed by someone interested in your product or service.

Now, put your link on 10,000 sites and you have x-squared your exposure.... now continue doing this over and over in different places thereby continually expanding your exposure, and you will by the sheer volume of numbers attain a certain level of success.  -- Yes, it really is that simple.

Let's skip all of the bs usually associated with web pages, and lets skip all of the emotional triggers that professional marketers use in order to influence your buying decision and get you to 'buy now'.

Let's just skip all of that -- If you need that sort of hype and manipulation, then you will find hundreds of gurus, and thousands upon thousands of web pages to fill that need for you.

If, however, you want to get right into the nitty-gritty of hard core mass marketing software that will put your advertisement in front of normal people.... people who do not live and breathe the internet, people who have offline lives (as crazy as that sounds), people who have not become jaded by the onslaught of marketing gimmicks that we all associate with internet marketing, then pay close attention because I am about to unleash a marketing beast upon the web that puts you directly in contact with all of those people who aren't already burned out!

Not only will you be putting your advertisement in front of people, you will also be generating a mass of backlinks and spider bait, and of course you will get to enjoy the benefit of all three mega-marketing assaults and the synergistic effect of these power-house tactics!

Spammers are spammers are spammers... everyone hates them, and no one wants to pass money over to them. But what separates a spammer who is despised and a marketer who is respected?

Targeting of course! -- When you target your viewing audience, you are able to still mass submit comments, but those comments can now be quickly and easily crafted into on-topic remarks, thereby not offending the image owner, while still presenting them with your offer, thereby side-stepping their natural defense against being sold anything.

For example, you could target the keyword 'golden retriever' and the program will return results listed in google under those words.... keep in mind, its google, so the search results are only as good as they return... sometimes you get great targeting, sometimes its crappy - but that's google for you.

Personally, after I get a list of sites to post to, I visit several of them to see how big 'G' did with targeting ... if they did well, I post, and if they didn't, I do another search... but that's just me, you may be okay with crappy targeting if you have crafted an advertisement to generally fit in anywhere.

I also notice that I get a ton of backlinks and traffic from images that have been put up, and indexed in the search engine, but do not yet have any other comments on them... Cha-Ching!!!... Usually this means that the person who uploaded the photo is still admiring it with daily visits, and of course telling his friends to come and look too!

And because his image hasn't been completely hammered with comments (generating backlinks) he has taken no steps to prevent html from being posted by comment submitters.... So Sweet!

I will provide a little video below to demonstrate how easy this new software is to use, and basically what it does is search for sites that host images, that allow public comments on those images... You load your keywords, let it search, put in your advertisement, then submit -- it returns a list of the successful submissions.

It's important to keep in mind that a lot of the photo pages have been abandoned by their owners.... those are the ones to hit hard and heavy with links... these are the ones that provide backlinks and spider bait. These do not require much thought into the comment because no real human is likely to ever see it, but search engines will.

The ones with real comments from people who are viewing the photos, these are the ones to craft a good comment for, and just sort of slide your advertisement in the comment as sort of a sig file sort of look... this will make it so that the photo page owner isnt offended by your post, and therefore will end up causing visitors to your offer from his own site visitors.

We have all been exposed to those 'tell-a-friend' scripts... they have been around almost since the beginning of the internet.... they have lasted so long because they work. And they work because they encourage 'jon doe' to contact 'jane smith' and gently expose her to your offer.... and of course jane smith isnt likely a hard core internet user yet, so you just got a very powerful lead.

Well, this software sort of mimics that pattern... when people allow your ads in their photo pages, they are basically giving the photo page visitors a gentle nudge to expose them to your offer..... this pulls a lot of weight, so craft great comments for these pages.

Now, one of the most (if not THE most) important and critical information I can ever pass on to you is this...


Automation Software Is Not A Magic Button - It Does Not Produce Magic Results.

Here is something that marketers seem to be afraid to tell you, but that is so basic and fundamental that it should be obvious (but slick marketers lead you astray and trick you into believing otherwise).

Mass marketing software of ANY kind is designed to do what you could do manually, only faster and without much interaction from you.

As such, there are some things that are common sense and some that are trade-offs....

For example, if you manually did a search and returned 100 results, and you intended to manually submit to each one, it is common sense that x percent of those places do not accept comments... which of course means that if you can't post manually, then you can't post programmatically (obvious).

So, lets say 20% do not allow posts.

Now, that leaves us with 80 pages to post to... but now lets assume that 30% use image verification (captcha) on their pages. Well, here is a trade off... manually you could do these, programmatically it just isn't currently feasible.

So this leaves us with 50% that we could not post on using an automated software program.

Now, lets keep breaking it down and say that of those 50 remaining pages, 50% of those do not accept html or links.

This now leaves us with 25 pages out of the original 100 pages that we found to post on.

Now, for safeties sake, lets just say that random error (human/programmatical) causes us to lose another few percentage points of successful submissions, leaving us with only 15 successful per 100 found.

Can you manually post more than an automated submitter can? Absolutely.

Can you filter out all of the ones you can't post successfully to manually as fast as a program can? Not a chance.

Can you post manually to these places as fast as you could with a program? No way, no how.

So you see?... there are trade-offs... yes, you do have less successful submissions than you would have if you did it manually, BUT you get more successful posts using software in the same time frame because the software works faster than you can... Every Time.

So overall, if you tried to go head to head with me, I would destroy you using this software.... its just one of those facts of life.

The Point?.... The point is that software is faster at achieving your overall 'big' results.