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ucenter home blog auto builder



ucenter home bulk Introduction:

Internet Marketing, Web site promotion, product promotion, brand promotion, a new generation of the group blog blog ucenter home-building blasts that all problems can be overcome!
1.ucenter home for mass use of the most advanced simulation technology, can ucenter home to tens of thousands of personal space website publishers logs, mini-blog, the bulk picture, sharing information such as URL.
2. Bulk of the characteristics of multi-purpose bulk, ucenter home bulk can publish pictures and links with the article, you publicity soft-illustrated text; release mini-blog (similar to the surging Tencent), to be immediate You tens of thousands of online radio advertising; ucenter home also can create a mass-album, bulk upload pictures, high-quality pictures or video, you can certainly bring an endless stream of CTR and site traffic publicity excellent ; Ucenter home-sharing site also features an increase in chain definitely can not miss such a good feature to your site and brief submitted to the tens of thousands of sites, search engines can not find your site!

3.ucenter home for automatic registration of mass release, no one can be 24 hours of duty.
4. Show success record, released at any time to see the fruits of it.
5. Can be registered again Published accounts, what to think of the what.

SNS blog community group that is now built to the new blog system UCenter Home will be the mainstream in the future blog
During the Olympics, has also finally working on a new generation of SEO tool, dedicated to the broad masses of the SEO enthusiasts, I hope that you would like to build group SNS community blog features and previous blog on the group built in a functional and not much difference Highlights of the new resources, software registration sent a high success rate ,85-90% -1. Custom registration information / love lazy users can also choose random (not recommended, since by definition the names of more affinity, the more Real)
-2 Powerful html editor, WYSIWYG, have a pretty good idea of what
-3 More articles editor, may designate a single article sent, can also edit multiple articles were sent, the article in the hyperlink can edit in the process of insertion, can also open the Key words to replace software in the process of sending the automatic replacement of key Words should be relative to the super-link (if open Keywords replacement, all the hyperlinks will be removed, and then you set a good match keywords in the corresponding term replacement)