Web site capture software

--UrlCollecter URL-gathering instrument, original development, supports the four major search engines Baidu, Google, Bing, Yahoo, acquisition speed efficient.

Web site capture software features:

1. software cost: doing SEO tool and for mass mailings to promote other applications, compared with the similar tool, using the latest design, collect more accurate and efficient.
2. software development: C++ development, more fluid and efficient speed, less memory and CPU used. the software about CPU using 1% memory consumption 2-3M.
3. software compatibility: software can be run on Windows operating system platform, support for WINDOWS XP; WINDOWS VISTA; WINDOWS 2000,WINDOWS7; WINDOWS 8; WINDOWS 10. supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.
4. software application groups: large enterprises, network operators, micro-business, shop owners, promotion and personal business use.

Software purchase fees:

Software development ... To be continued ...