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Software development process

a complete software development process includes requirements analysis and research, development and testing, system maintenance phase of the project.

Detailed description:

1. customer demand: customers through face-to-face interviews, telephone, e-mail or online order form "basic needs." involved include: project description, basic functional requirements, basic design requirements.
2. analyze customer needs: accurate, detailed understanding of customer needs, customer's business model and business process, and based on their own experiences, suggest improvements for customers. Includes: basic processes, function description, development cycle and the quotes.
3. a preliminary programme: reply to customer needs, provide an implementation proposal and quotation for your reference and selection, preparation of requirements specification.
4. the entire programme and determination of cooperation: customer needs, systematic analysis of needs, identify functional. system designers system architecture design, and work with customers to develop project implementation plan. by face-to-face interview, telephone, e-mail or other means, make adjustments to the programme and determination of cooperation.
5. the signing of the contract for software development and customer advance payments and the provision of human, material and related conditions of guarantee.
6. detailed requirements analysis and design: according to the proposal by the programmer on system architecture, software project features and specifications for the different modules of refine needs analysis, involves the realization of functional modules, function module partition, data description and the content of reports.
7. user: customer review and confirm the specific design, suppliers begin coding.
8. development of programmer: programmer by the supplier in accordance with the detailed design and planning, software code writing.
9. analysis and system integration: upon completion of the program of the different modules, testing, systems integration.
10. commissioning and field support: software development eventually completed, vendor to customer site installation, commissioning and training.
11. inspection items: client software contains all the features of acceptance, upon the acceptance of the project, according to the contract paid by the customer. Supplier upon receipt of the final system entered a period of maintenance of the software.
12. system operation support: after the system is put into operation, the vendor can according to customer demand, for long-term maintenance of the system for the customer, in addition to ensuring the normal operation of the system, but also changes according to the customer's business and issues found during use, modifications to the system.