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Links are the core of your search engine optimization campaign. Quality, authority and trust-building links are tough to get. Here we outline 35 methods you can use to attract links to your website.

Why Links?

Links are essential and natural connectors of the web. It’s fairly easy for search engines to analyze links and judge the quality of a website based on the quality and quantity of its incoming links. Unlike on-page factors, links are harder to manipulate.

Users abandoned former search leaders AltaVista, Excite, AllTheWeb, Hotbot and others because they could not maintain spam free indexes and return useful websites. It’s harder to manipulate links and easier for search engines to keep their results spam free and relevant. Links will stay at the core of search algorithms, so it's important to learn how to get them.

Authority links – These are links from highly important websites. Those are the sites you see on top of search results for the most competitive keywords in your industry. Authority websites also include university and college domains, and government and library sites.

Trust Factor – Search engines don’t trust all links. In fact Google discounts many links due to lack of algorithmic trust in the domain or link type (positioned on a generic link page, link scheme, etc). 

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