SEO Overview and Tips for Beginners - Content is King

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SEO Summary:SEO Overview and Tips for Beginners - Content is King

From this basic idea of how the search engines work to index web sites, we're going to move to a broader, classic theme: content is king. Images and videos are great, but search engines see text best, and searchers looking for information online still expect to find it, more often than not, in the form of text. Focus on your site's theme (the keywords that searchers will use to find your site) and make sure you build good, well-written, unique content using that theme.

Don't put up just ten to fifteen articles or so and decide you're done. If you want to build and maintain a position on the search engine results page, you need to keep supplying your visitors and the search engine spiders with fresh content. There seems to be a consensus that adding new content three times a week is about right to get your site indexed frequently. New content added regularly gets interpreted by the search engine spiders as a sign that your site is highly relevant.

But what should you do if the focus of your site doesn't lend itself to posting fresh content regularly? Maybe your line of work is swimming pools, you've been selling the same products for a while, and there just doesn't happen to be a lot of new and exciting things happening in the field right now. (If your line really IS swimming pools, and I'm mistaken, please accept my apologies!). If, for whatever reason, you have a web site whose content doesn't change very often, you would be well-advised to start a blog.

As you would if you were posting full-fledged articles, post a new blog entry three times a week. You can limit yourself to just a few paragraphs, but your blog should focus on topics that are relevant to your site. For example, if your blog is about swimming pools, you could talk about how much they add to the value of a home, what goes into building a pool, special summer days spent at a friend's house with a pool...the list goes on and on. And it's all good spider food!

Oh, and all that stuff you hear about linkbaiting? Well, I'll be discussing the fine art of building links in just a bit, but the fact of the matter is, linkbaiting is just a fancy term for building content so good that visitors who read it don't want to keep it to themselves – they want to share it with all their friends. So once again, it boils down to content.

One word of warning before moving on: there is a difference between unique content and quality content. An article or posted item can be one without being the other. It's your job to make sure that the content on your site is both unique AND of good quality.

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