Manual Directory Submissions Wins an Upper Hand for SEO

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SEO Summary:Directory submissions are one of the most popular and widely trusted SEO techniques that decide for the search engine rankings of a website

Manual Directory Submissions Wins an Upper Hand for SEO

    Directory submissions are one of the most popular and widely trusted SEO techniques that decide for the search engine rankings of a website. As the website builds a lot of incoming links, it ranks higher with the search engines. However, there are two options available to a webmaster when it comes to directory submissions. The foremost is to make automatic submissions with the help of several submission software. The next alternative is to make manual submissions. 

Why manual submissions?

Though some SEO companies may support and offer automatic directory submissions due to their speed and affordability but experienced SEOers will suggest you to go for manual submissions without any hesitations. This is because the primary motive of directory submissions, i.e to increase SEO rankings of the website will be nullified if webmasters opt for automatic submission software. 

You might think that in this high-tech world where technology is replacing almost every work that required the labor of a man, a person who is giving advice for manual submissions is definitely wrong. But it's time for you to accept the reality that no matter what, technology may aid man to some extent but can never replace him. 

Automatic submissions vs. manual directory submissions

The benefit endowed by manual submissions to the search engine rankings of your website is commendable and exceeds automatic submissions by leaps and bounds. After all, the intelligence rewarded to the human mind allow them submit the website in the right category and sub category for maximum results but a software is not capable to make such distinction. Hence, manual directory submissions give webmasters better control over the directory submissions that are made. 

Also, there is nothing unusual if any directory make any amendments on its website or in its terms and conditions. While a manual submitter will notice the changes that are made and act accordingly, these changes will not be noticed by the software, which may lead to rejections in future. 

Not to forget, automatic submissions are also recognized as spam by many search engines and online directories. So, it is in your best interest not to take any risk with the reputation and online presence of your website and invest your time, money and efforts in manual submissions only. 

It is undoubtedly a very slow, time-consuming and tiresome process but you can anytime hire a professional SEO Company who offers manual directory submission services. You might have to shell out a little more bucks for manual method of directory submissions than submission through software but the benefits it makes available contributes a great deal to the success of your online business in future as also the rankings of your website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

Submission to right directories

Website submission to innumerable random directories is the way most submission software work. On the other hand, proficient manual submitters from a professional SEO company have the knowledge to select the right article directory according to the niche industry to which the website belongs. They make submissions to top directories that are listed higher in search engine rankings such as Yahoo Directory.

Besides, they also submit the website to the famous specialized directories that lists different websites from the specific industry to which the website is associated. This soon indexes the site in the higher rankings with the search engines and enhances its link popularity.  

Directories that have the "no-follow" feature with the posted link or that demand a reciprocal link do not prove to be of much help. So, submission to such directories is generally ignored.         

Hence, it is mandatory for webmasters to rely on manual directory submission service offered by professional SEO consultants only.

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