Optimized Press Release Services

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SEO Summary:If you need search engine rankings quickly for something new that is important to your business, here's a web publicity idea that works and works quickly

Optimized Press Release Services 

    If you need search engine rankings quickly for something new that is important to your business, here's a web publicity idea that works and works quickly.  Your can have top rankings on Google in a week or less.

    We work with an expert press release partner to put your public relations program on steroids. Online optimized press releases are seen and read by 50,000 - 150,000 or more subscribing journalists and consumers the first week they go online. More importantly, they get top Google search engine placement in a week or less. You don't even have to have a web site to get your business the exposure it deserves. A well written, well placed press release makes the phone ring or can drive traffic to your website.

    The key point about your press release is that it needs to be newsworthy.

    Google and the other important search engines treat news differently than other online website content.  News items are being constantly crawled by the GoogleBot and other search engine spiders and robots so that news gets into the search engine index as quickly as possible.

If you don't know how to make your release newsworthy, then it might not ever earn a top ranking.  This is part of the value of our services.

You need professional public relations journalist trained copywriters who can help you make your story into a newsworthy release.

How The Process Works

Once the subject of your release is determined, we do search phrase research about the subject of your release to determine how it should be targeted, so that the copy will gain the attention of what people are known to be searching.

The next step is a strategy discussion, followed by an interview where the copywriter will gather all the facts about your press release subject, just like you might be interviewed by a news reporter.

The copy is then written and analyzed for what works with Google and is tested against current news items in the Google index about similar subjects, if any.

When you are done fact checking the release and approve the copy for informational correctness, it is ready for final editing and is ready to go online.

Expect Quick Results and Here's Why

An online optimized press release will typically earn top ten placement in Google in less than 48 hours.  Yahoo et al are not as predictable because they do not have the crawling computer horsepower that Google has.

On a monthly basis, more than 25 million people visit Internet news sites with 50,000 – 100,000 “reads” typical in the first week your release is online.

Your press release can be expected to have "legs".  It's not a 10-second sound bite or a newspaper story with life of one day that ends up in the bottom of the bird cage. An online press release remains on news portals for up to 30 days – and some may live in top placement on Google’s regular search engine for up to six months or more.

Your online press release goes directly to you target audience. Readers obtain information without the filter of traditional print and electronic media. Consumers and B2B prospects – not journalists – read more than 98% of Internet press releases.

An optimized press release will build your website’s page rank and relevance. Your website search engine ranking should improve since an optimized press release links back to your website with relevant keywords strategically embedded within the copy and used as anchor text for hyperlinks.

In less than a week, and sometimes on the same day a release is posted, an online press release strategically optimized with keyword-rich copy will often also show up in traditional organic Google and Yahoo! web results – and may remain there for six months or more.

Even if you don't have a website, you can still get top search engine placement with an optimized online press release.

The release can also serve as new and relevant content when it is posted as a page of new content in your website.

Even a small company or new startup can look like big business by using well written, properly optimized press releases. Why? Because most people associate press releases with larger, more established companies.

Your potential Internet audience is bigger than CNN – Google and Yahoo! News have the largest Internet news audience in the world.

Are You Ready?

We collaborate with our marketing partner who is an established and highly respected PR firm.  We combine our optimization skills with their ability to write great press releases that will make the news.  If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please complete this form and we will contact you ASAP. Get ready to be on the fast track.


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