New generation SEO Web site management system development

Infinite Studio marketing software specially developed for small and medium enterprises based on SEO strategy and network marketing new website of Adaptive browsing terminals, focusing on search engine friendliness, HTML5+CSS3+ intelligent SEO optimization technology standards.

Detailed description:

1. current website construction and network marketing of State: engaged in SEO of enterprise or people many, many engaged in Enterprise website construction of network company more focuses on Yu Enterprise website of plane design, more attention website of beautiful appearance, and on website of optimization basic no for related targeted of operation: as website code optimization, website of pictures optimization, website of text optimization, website of links optimization, search introduction Zhi included of friendly degrees, website of loaded speed, SEO many aspects; This led to a lot of corporate website in Internet marketing and promotion, through the website bring customers market development gains little, many SEO companies ignore the basic work of enterprise's website, leading to promotion effort.
2. this work room for this a general exists of industry status, in some enterprise website for SEO aspects of work Shi, in for network promotion Shi, are faced with website of again optimization or revision problem, in this situation Xia, only making or revision new website technology support of website, to in network promotion and SEO competition aspects, won opportunities, only to more efficient of for network marketing aspects of work.
3. the characteristics of a new generation of Web technology: uses HTML5+CSS3 the latest technology standards, using DIV+CSS technology, graphic design, more atmospheric, images take up, reduce code bloat.
4. This station making of intelligent website target: plane beautiful atmosphere, for industry and enterprise products or service of features, website of browse since adapted sex strong, can to General computer smooth browse, also can phone, mobile client browser smooth of browse and not stretch. that intelligent since adapted client screen; integrated latest SEO website optimization technology, on website for full of code and the graphic optimization, more conducive to search introduction Zhi included, has using website of loaded, conducive to website of ranking, Comfort in favour of customers browse the Web site, customers can save browse and query time.
5. domain name and virtual host: If the customer does not have a Web site, the Studio will be based on the customer's industry and business characteristics and fully consider the need to compose the domain names in SEO optimization; Virtual host according to the customer's business area can take home, in Hong Kong or abroad virtual host.